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What is the major difference between AI camera vs normal cameras?

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AI security cameras are the latest trend and rage in the market. These smart cameras can provide much more than just recording video. ai camera vs normal camera at present time ai can perform various tasks like detecting movements, facial recognition, and other advanced features that will keep you informed of what’s happening at your home or business 24/7. The first thing to consider when picking an AI security camera is whether it works with your current Wi-Fi network or if you need to upgrade it with a new one. If your home has a single router that connects all devices on one network (like most homes do), then an AI security camera will have no problem connecting to it. However, if there are multiple routers in use, then they need to be identified so they can be added as part of the proper setup process (more on this below).

Difference between AI camera vs normal camera that are available in the market.

AI security cameras are more efficient and reliable than other CCTV Cameras that are available in the market. AI Security cameras can be installed in both indoor and outdoor areas. These devices come with an amazing feature of recognition, which means that it can recognize people, objects or any other object automatically.

AI Security Cameras are capable of recording videos at a high resolution depending on the type of camera you want to buy. They also have LED lights that enable them to capture clear images even at night time or during low light conditions like dawn or dusk hours (even if there is no direct sunlight).

AI Security Cameras

AI Security Cameras are designed to detect and prevent security breaches. know more about use of ai camera They have the ability to identify intruders, track them through the camera, and alert you if they enter your property. It also comes with smart alarms that can be activated when someone enters your home or office. The technology behind these cameras is called artificial intelligence (AI).

These devices work in two ways: First, they use sensors like motion detectors or heat sensors to detect movement around your property; second, they analyze the video footage from their cameras using sophisticated algorithms which calculate where each person was located at any given time before or after someone broke into your house/office etcetera…

High network security and protection 

AI security cameras are able to detect and alert you to suspicious activities, including intruders. They can also identify faces, so if someone comes into your home or office, you’ll know it’s them before they can do anything harmful.

AI security cameras send alerts directly to a person’s phone or other devices when something happens that needs attention—for example: “Someone is in my backyard.” The system will then notify the owner of this information via text message or email with details on what happened (e.g., who was there) and how they were dressed (e.g., wearing dark clothes).

Smart lighting and shading control 

AI cameras are smart enough to adjust the lighting according to the environment. They can detect the amount of light in the room and adjust their lights accordingly. AI cameras also sense temperature, humidity, air quality, and other environmental factors in order to provide you with a comfortable experience at home or the workplace.

Artificial intelligence in security camera

AI in security cameras is a very exciting technology. It can be used to detect, analyze and identify threats much faster than human operators, who may not have the training or experience needed to spot certain types of intrusions. AI cameras work in the background so they don’t distract you while you’re away from home.

AI cameras are also able to learn and adapt based on what they see every day—and this can be useful when it comes time for an intruder or repairman (or even your dog) come knocking at your door!

Smart alarms and locks 

Smart alarms and locks are a feature that can be found in most AI security cameras. These intelligent systems detect any unusual activity taking place inside the premises, whether it’s someone tampering with your property or if you’re not home when you should be. The owner of an AI security camera will receive an alert from their device if there is a problem so they can take action quickly before any damage is done.

Smart alarms don’t just help with detecting intruders; they also allow owners to monitor who enters their property and when they do so – allowing them to keep tabs on anyone who may have been given permission by themselves but isn’t allowed access without proper authorization (such as contractors).

Znor AI smart CCTV camera with a theft-detection algorithm

ZNOR AI security cameras have an inbuilt smart alarm and lock system. They can detect any unusual activity in the premises and alert the owner. The owner can then take action to stop the activity.

AI security cameras also include features such as human detection, night vision, facial recognition, voice recording capabilities, and more so that you can make sure that your home or business is secure at all times.


I hope you you will understand AI camera vs normal camera The AI Security Camera is one of the best security camera systems that can be used in your home or office. You can use it to monitor your home, office, and other places where you want to protect yourself and your loved ones. It has various features like smart lighting control, an advanced motion detection system, night vision, etc.

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