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Jewelry Store Security Tips: 5 Things Protect Against Theft

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As you prepare for the busy holiday shopping season, remember to stay vigilant with your security measures. 

The holiday shopping season is a time for gifts and giving, which is why thieves are out in full force. They’re looking to pad their own wallets or collection by robbing jewelry stores. Jewelry Store Security Tips To help prevent crimes that can go unnoticed, your entire staff needs to be aware of their surroundings.

Here are five things you can do to ensure your jewelry store is ready for business this year.

Common Types of Jewelry Store Theft


When you hear the term “theft,” most people probably think of grab-and-run or sneak thefts. But criminals don’t stop there.

Some thieves coordinate their efforts to distract shoppers from the theft of merchandise. While less common, these other types of thefts still need to be taken seriously: 

Internal theft: Thieves can steal from your inventory without you ever knowing it.

Switch theft: This type of theft involves replacing merchandise in your showcases with stolen items.

 Credit card fraud: Criminals use stolen credit cards to make purchases at your store and then return the merchandise for cash refunds or store credit. 

Cyber theft: Criminals use online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Overstock to order merchandise that they don’t want to pay for in person and then ship it to a scammer’s address using a legitimate shipping label.

Always use smart Security Ai Camera


Businesses can save money and resources by using video ai surveillance technology. Jewelry Store Security Tips Video surveillance systems monitor areas for potential threats, alerting staff if there is a problem and allowing them to take action before it’s too late. AI technology can help companies overcome these challenges and have 24/7 monitoring.

Even if your premises are closed, a CCTV camera system can help you keep an eye on security and analyze its status.

By not equipping security personnel with continuous video screen monitoring, a business can cut costs as well as reduce false alarms caused by human error or non-threatening triggers such as animals or other factors.

Take a physical inventory of your belongings on a regular basis.


If you have perpetual inventory software, you will not need to reconcile your entire inventory.

To prevent losses during the holiday season, it is important to record a daily case count. If you notice that merchandise has gone missing, it’s best to report it to the store manager or loss prevention officer.

By submitting your claim early, you’ll make the process smoother. Keeping good records will prove to be the most helpful.

Check out our downloadable inventory recordkeeping guide. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when conducting case counts: vary the times of day when the count is done; have more than one person responsible for conducting the counts; if it’s not possible to monitor every display every day, rotate which ones are observed; Review your surveillance footage on a regular basis to make sure the counts are completed, and nothing is missed

An Educated Staff is the Best Defence


It is important to practice safe selling procedures so that you can avoid becoming a theft victim. 

The good news is that you can quickly educate your staff about 24/7 Ai Camera security with the help of A Jeweller’s Guide to 24/7 Security. 

 This online resource is a great way for you and your staff to identify security threats and make your store difficult to rob.

 In this way, you’re less likely to cause a major disruption to your holiday season or the entire year.

As the day goes on, the likelihood of grab-and-run theft increases.


Criminals who commit this type of theft will often walk into a store, appearing to browse the merchandise. They’ll choose the most valuable merchandise and ask to see it. Once they’ve seen it, they simply take it with them!

The most recent JSA Annual Crime Report shows a trend that indicates jewelers need to be more observant during the evening hours

Staying focused all day is difficult and there are a lot of security procedures to keep in mind to stay safe. That’s not all the other work that needs to get done. But how do you prevent grab-and-run theft? When you allow customers to try on merchandise, ask them to show an ID before they do so. After you’ve verified that the ID is authentic, keep it until you’ve received your customer’s return.. Remember to show an item only after you’ve examined the ID. Some grab-and-run suspects have taken merchandise directly from the hands of sales associates and left the scene before their ID could be verified..

Show customers one item at a time. If a customer wants to compare pieces side by side, put on one ring yourself and let the customer compare. Never have more than two pieces out of your showcases at once because some criminals are bold enough to attempt grab-and-run thefts with entire trays of rings. To combat this type of crime: Document suspicious incidents like these so if the suspect returns, your staff will know how to react properly.

Before the holidays, here are a few things to be aware of regarding Jewelry store security tips  If you feel there is suspicious activity occurring at your business, urge your associates to document it in a suspicious incident log and begin to inform others at your business. 

Remember to read through and share with your employees our comprehensive Jeweller Security Guide by clicking the button below. 

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